Best TenPoint Nitro XRT Crossbow Review  


TenPoint Nitro XRT Top Crossbow Reviewed

The world is growing in technology, with inventions coming up daily. Are you a hunter looking for the best crossbow package? Tenpoint Nitro XRT crossbow is the definition of a perfect crossbow.

The crossbow has a wide range of incredible features to give you a great hunting experience. Besides, it is built with the latest technology making it more efficient.

The ACU draw pro cooking device and an accessory package are just among the features of this crossbow. In this article, we will look at a comprehensive review of this crossbow to help you make a sound decision on the same.

Best Crossbow


TenPoint Nitro XRT Crossbow Package 


The TenPoint Nitro XRT crossbow is a definition of advanced technology. The model has been built to increase durability.

RX7 cams power the crossbow to give it unprecedented control and accuracy. Even better, it comes with a center-mounted riser, which enhances secure handling and usability while minimizing the nose-heavy feeling that you get from traditional crossbows.

TenPoint Nitro comes with all the features and components needed to give you smooth and effortless hunting or shooting experience. You will love its weight, which ranges at 225lb with a speed of 440fps. This makes it an ideal crossbow for people of all sizes.

The crossbow is built with efficiency in mind. Any hunter will prefer this crossbow because of how it is built. Besides, this crossbow can take accurate shots not to forget its easy usability and maneuverability. It is a must-try.


About the design, this crossbow has been perfectly balanced, making it comfortable to use. The reverse draw design of this crossbow has RX7 cams and a vector quad four cable technology systems. Besides, the design eliminates the nose-heavy feel felt when using traditional crossbows.

Moreover, according to the manufacturer, the TenPoint Nitro XRT crossbow is three times quieter compared to other models.


This crossbow has excellent features making it an option for a hunter looking for the best crossbow in the market. For instance, the RX7 cams and vector quad four cable system provides elite accuracy and maximum power. 

Alpha Nock

This is one of the features that make this crossbow from TenPoint stand out among its competitors. It is meant to promote a better nock string contact. This is vital as it allows you to handle the severe angle of the crossbow when ensuring a maximum level of accuracy.

EVO-X Markship Scope

This premier scope is meant to improve both the speed and accuracy when shooting. It also enhances easier maneuverability in woods and dark areas by offering an unmatched brightness.

Excellent Performance

The quality of performance you get from this crossbow is unmatched. Speed and performance are the most important aspects to look for when selecting a crossbow, and this one provides just as you would have hoped.

It features EVO-X arrows that weigh only 445 grains, and you can shoot them at a speed of 440fps. You can, however, enhance this by getting the TenPoint pro-lite arrows that travel at a rate of up to 470fps. The crossbow uses aluminum knock arrows, which are accurate and efficient.

Also, it has string dampening strip stops that reduce the vibration of the crossbow when taking shots on the prey. The compact model of the crossbow lets you maneuver easily through the woods.

ACU Draw

TenPoint Nitro XTR features ACU Draw cocking device whose function is to enhance safe cocking/decocking. It also eliminates noise, thus saving you from the roaming wild animals.

Reverse Draw

This aspect promotes an elongated stroke, which is what you need for increased accuracy and speed. It works by increasing the speed at minimal weight and effort. It increases the contact period between the string and nock, thus maximum efficiency upon impact. 

The T5 Trigger

This is a significant improvement on this crossbow suitable for both left and right-handed shooters and hunters. What’s more? The dry fire inhibitor and the auto-engaging safety make the TenPoint crossbow much safer.

Hard Case

The crossbow comes with a hard case for further protection and durability. This feature ensures that you get the value for your money. You can easily carry it even in harsh environments and come back with it looking as good as new.

7-Inch Power Stroke

This aspect ensures that the stroke draws less weight while generating speed, which gives you a downrange accuracy along with a knock-down power. The feature can make you take long-range shots.


The TenPoint Nitro XRT crossbow is a significant advancement in the industry. The accuracy of this crossbow supersedes other crossbows in the industry. Also, the use of various technologies in the design of this crossbow makes it a dependable weapon for every hunter.

The crossbow, having a T5 trigger, is safe to use. The hard waterproof case makes sure that the crossbow stays for a more extended period. Besides, the crossbow is light and sturdy due to its compact design, which makes it a perfect choice for hunters.


With the fantastic features of this crossbow, you don’t expect it at a cheap rate. The crossbow comes at a premium price.