Best Ravin R29X Crossbow Review 


Best Ravin R29X Crossbow Review

Whether you are planning on using it for hunting or simply for target practice, a crossbow is not a minimal investment. Crossbows are built to last, so your new crossbow will be with you for years and years. With that being the case, it is important to review your options. The two major categories of crossbow owners are: hunters and sport shooters. Although a hunter’s needs are somewhat different than a sport shooter’s, at the end of the day both require a highly functional bow that preforms as advertised.
To cut through all the sub-optimal bows on the market today, we have compiled a list of only the best. These bows vary in price-point, optimal use, and design, but they are all very high quality. If you are looking to buy a new crossbow, whether you are brand-new to the sport or looking for an upgrade, this list is for you. Below are seven of the hottest crossbows on the market for 2020.

Best Crossbow


Best Ravin R29X Crossbow 

Ravin R29X Crossbow Reviewed

Ravin crossbows have set the bar higher with the Ravin R29X that shoots at 450fps. Designed on the same platform as R29, this new model also has a soundless cocking structure created for the hunter's interest. Measuring 6" from one axle to other and 29" in overall length, it delivers a great combination of power, downrange accuracy, and speed.

The R29X is revolutionizing the science behind crossbow manufacture with its Heli-Coil mechanism and the Frictionless Flight structure that delivers an accurate nock point distance.

With its comfort-design grip, this model offers effortless utility in restrained spaces providing hunters with excellent control. It has a 6.75-pound weight, thus enabling comfortable use. This post will provide insight regarding why the R29X is a great crossbow.


Ravin is reputable for providing its clients with hardwearing crossbows that offer long-term utility. With proper maintenance, the R29X will entertain you for multiple seasons.

Raven Crossbows has proved itself as one of the leading brands. The new R29X model has a sturdy design that makes it stand out. Its construction utilizes the same materials used in R29 creation. However, this model is lighter, and its 6.75-pound weight makes it easier and comfortable to carry.

The construction is also simple to handle, so bow hunters with both short and long frames can use it. This feature allows hunters to operate from tree stands or blinds. With its ergonomic grip, this crossbow is simple to maneuver in the shooting field or range. It's also available when pre-assembled


Measuring an entire length of 29 inches from the front part to its butt stock, the R29X remains narrow when either cocked or un-cocked. It measures 6 inches wide when cocked and 10.5 inches when you un-cock it. You will not find an alternative in the market with similar performance in a maneuverable and small package like R29X.

This new model is extremely compact in both width and length. The narrow, as well as compact design, will not burden your outdoor experience. Ravin is famous for innovating items that boost performance and look like it. Hunters will be impressed with R29X's silky design plus its structural stability because of the solid rear as well as front bridge.

Ravin Crossbows use the Heli-coil technology in the manufacture of its bows. It consists of Heli-Coil curls that move in helical grooves, so the cams remain in perfect balance. This system enables cams to make a 340-degree rotation while staying accurately level when either drawing or making your shot. The hail-technology design culminates in a solid crossbow that provides downrange accuracy.


The trac-trigger shooting unit is made to offer you confidence when pulling the trigger. This built-in trigger slips on the rail and clutches to the midpoint of the spring directly. When drawing your bow, this structure enables arrow flight in a direct nock distance leading to a balanced and consistent downrange accuracy.

R29X arrows snap towards the string then stay on the double nylon rollers in the Ravin crossbow's front part. The trac-trigger shooting mechanism eradicates all the friction from the contact of the arrow with the rail.

Ravin has considered the hunter's interest with the R29X's frictionless rail flight that allows the arrow and string to float freely over the rail. Minimal friction improves accuracy, speed, as well as the cables and strings' durability. The frictionless flight unit ensures the trigger box lurches to a constant point within the string. It works like an anchor point with a recurve or compound bow.

There is also the wholly incorporated versa-draw cocking structure that enables easy cocking for shooters of various strengths and sizes. This versa-draw cocking design works in tandem with the Ravin's Trac-trigger shooting mechanism.

This cocking structure is attached to the elegant stock design. It requires 10-pounds of cocking force to easily un-cock or cock this crossbow. The new 2020 model also renders the cocking as well as the un-cocking process soundless, thanks to its silent cock system.

R29X has a heavy arrow that improves penetration and helps in stabilization during flight, thanks to 180ft-lb kinetic energy and 12.5-inch power stroke. You can shoot any game using this R29X because of its 450fps speed.

With bolts weighing 300 grains plus the 100-gr field tip, the arrow weighs 400 grains. These bolts are made of 100 percent pure carbon, and their high impact nock bushings have an aluminum construction.

It also has long-lasting built-in sling mounts and an automatic-safety/counter-dry fire that protects you from damage and injury.

There is also the illumine hundred-yard scope, which allows utility in any weather since it is fog proof, shockproof, weatherproof, and recoil proof. The scope is 8.75 inches, and sports variable velocity and compensation setting for arrow drop.

This scope also has nine target dots that are adjusted twenty to a hundred yards. It's rheostat-controlled, and the red or green illuminated dots assist in narrowing your aim. Ravin R29X's is comparable to rifle's 100-yard range.

Ravin crossbows have a 5-year warranty against material defects and defects on workmanship to trigger stock and cock system. Their liability spreads over to labor, parts as well as return transit to the client.


In general, this Ravin Crossbow will offer excellent performance on your hunting experience. It has a narrow and lightweight design making it an ideal weapon for your outdoor events and will not be cumbersome with long-term utility. The auto-safety feature enables utility by hunters of different levels.

It offers you a wide range of high-quality accessories, which is an improvement from the R29. You will find it in various online shops at a reasonably affordable price. The easy to use crank makes it ideal for beginners and advanced users.



  • Cams are available when leveled properly
  • Has a soundless cocking mechanism
  • It's among Ravin's wear-resistant crossbows
  • Provides enhanced precision, better momentum, and no rail friction
  • Perfect for hunting from restrained spaces and blinds.


  • Although it has great accessories, it has an expensive price tag.