Killer Instinct Swat XP 415fps Crossbow 

Whether you are planning on using it for hunting or simply for target practice, a crossbow is not a minimal investment. Crossbows are built to last, so your new crossbow will be with you for years and years. With that being the case, it is important to review your options. The two major categories of crossbow owners are: hunters and sport shooters. Although a hunter’s needs are somewhat different than a sport shooter’s, at the end of the day both require a highly functional bow that preforms as advertised.
To cut through all the sub-optimal bows on the market today, we have compiled a list of only the best. These bows vary in price-point, optimal use, and design, but they are all very high quality. If you are looking to buy a new crossbow, whether you are brand-new to the sport or looking for an upgrade, this list is for you. Below are seven of the hottest crossbows on the market for 2020.

Best Crossbow


Killer Instinct Swat 

XP 415fps Crossbow

Killer Instinct Swat XP 415 FPS Crossbow review 

If running and gunning or hunting from tight quarters is your style, then the Killer Instinct Swat XP Crossbow is for you. Its Killer Instinct’s top of the line flagship bow, measuring just 27 inches and tipping the scales at a scant 7.2 pounds.
However, don’t let the Swat XP’s compact size make a fool of you. The crossbow is the most powerful in the class and comes equipped with a custom made Accutac Barrel System for comfort. And creates up to 415 FPS with fantastic downrange accuracy. So you will be able to hit a bull’s eye 70+ yards away comfortably with it.

The package Includes: 

• A fully assembled Swat XP crossbow.
• The Elite Accessory Package with a custom Lumix Speed ring, 1.5 - 5 by 32 illuminated scope.
• The Dead Silent Crank System
• A rope cocker.
• The string and limb suppressors.
• A five arrow quiver.
• Three SWAT XP 400-grain arrows with field tips
• The rail lube


Killer Instinct builds crossbows with tremendous value in the market place. And the Swat XP falls squarely in this same class but better.
This crossbow, made in the USA, offers a very innovative design with a very slick military style that is sure to please any cross bowing fan.
Clearly, it’s quite a comfortable and compact model, with a proper hand placement that is not available on most bows. So, it’s ready to shoot as soon as you open the package, and no need to assemble anything.
The package it comes in has a quick-detach quiver, a good number of bolts for you to try it, and a fantastic scope sight that is extremely effective in helping you aim.
Unlike many others, this is a very powerful model, allowing the shooting of arrows at a high speed. It’s a devastating weapon for any hunter and one many would love to have.


The Swat XP was first and foremost made for precision shooting, and the company has been able to pull it off exceptionally well.
Starting with the trademarked Accutac Barrel System, which considerably improves the bow’s broadhead accuracy, balance, and control in the users’ hands.

The 360-degree design helps improve the guidance system by reducing the cross-bolt oscillation, which in turn improves the trajectory of the bolts at high speeds regardless of the selection of broadhead.
The bolts themselves are a carbon fiber polymer design for better accuracy and maximum penetration.

Moreover, all the components, including the trigger, scopes, grips, and cams, have been placed on the very center of the bow’s compact frame to create a more balanced and centered unit; consequently, it is unlike the nose-heavy feel of standard bows.

This design allows you to feel more balanced and control when you shoulder the crossbow.

Overall Features

The right crossbow allows for a more comfortable hunting experience. It’s more than your skill; you must have an excellent companion to aid you in the hunt.
The Swat XP comes with some top-notch features that should be extremely helpful when hunting.

One of the top features of this bow is the dead silent kit, which includes string and limb suppressors. And a dead quiet crank which has an easy on and off attachment that creates zero noise when reloading.
Hunters work extremely hard to remain invisible, and the company understands this, which is why they have really put a lot of skill and effort into the kit.

The Lumix scope has a ballistic semi-circle that allows for better shooting visibility and top contrast in low visibility shooting. It has a 20-100 yard instant calibration reticle for improved targeting.
Moreover, it also comes with a trademark Broadhead Cage that has been placed at the end of the barrel, where it traps the bolt and broadhead within the riser for two impactful reasons. First, it improves safety and removes any mistakes of pushing a bolt off track.

Key Features

• It shoots arrows with speeds up to 415 FPS

• The Killer Instinct Accutac™ Barrel System

• A Broadhead Cage™ system

• It comes with the Elite Accessory Package

• Lumix™ 1.5-5x32mm IR-E Illuminated Red/Blue Speed Ring Scope

• The Killer Instinct™ Dead Silent Crank

• The kinetic energy of 153 ft. per pound of force

• A three pounds trigger

• Width is only 125” cocked and  14.125” when uncocked

• Length is only 27 inches

 Weight is only 7.2 lbs.

• Draw weight is 200 lbs.

• The Power stroke is 16.25

• Comes in Camo color