BearX Constrictor  Hunting Crossbow Reviewed


BearX Constrictor  Hunting Crossbow

 Going for a hunting expedition is a fascinating sporting activity. A good hunter has the right tools for the task. One such important tool is the crossbow. Getting the most powerful crossbow will undoubtedly elevate your hunting prowess to another level.

BearX Constrictor Ready-to-Hunt Crossbow Package comes with all the attributes and tools you need to make your next hunting trip a resounding success. This page offers you vital information about BearX Constrictor Ready-to-Hunt Crossbow Package.

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Hunting grounds present different levels of difficulties. Therefore, it is appropriate to come up with a superb crossbow to penetrate through the obstacles. BearX Constrictor Crossbow aims at assisting you to manage tight encounters.

The crossbow boasts impressive technology meant to match the modern crossbow and hunting techniques. The adjustable cheek pad enhances the portability of the crossbow while the trigger pull adjustments make it even more comfortable to use.

The crossbow also comes with an anti-dry fire device and, most importantly, the ready-to-hunt accessory package that sets you prepared for your next hunting trip.

The slim shape of the BearX Constrictor Ready-to-Hunt Crossbow Package is something that cannot be ignored. Crossbows are weapons and should not be readily noticeable. If they are too conspicuous, they will certainly scare away prey. The crossbow's slim shape makes it unnoticeable by the victim.

Also, be keen to choose the right color for your crossbow. Fortunately, BearX Crossbow’s stoke color suits its function. Its dull color makes it even more inconspicuous to prey.


The BearX Constrictor Crossbow features one of the most preferred designs in the hunting industry. It is capable of releasing arrows at 410 fps, which surpasses the speed of most crossbows in the market.

The crossbow’s portability is also a design principle that suits many hunters. It weighs 190 lb of draw weight and 7.8 lbs of lightweight; this makes the equipment user friendly since you can move about while holding comfortably. However, some users may prefer lighter crossbows.

The weight of a crossbow is a significant factor that affects its efficiency. Lighter crossbows enhance the accuracy of shots while heavier crossbows alter the accuracy of crossbows. Be sure to determine crossbows' weight before purchasing.

Additionally, the product’s measurements are top-notch. It measures 3” of trigger pull adjustments, 10” axle-to-axle when cocked while 14” when uncocked. Such analysis reveals how superior the crossbow is.

Unlike other crossbows found in the market which require you to spend extra bucks on hunting accessories, BearX Constrictor Crossbows come with a ready-to-hunt accessory package.

The pack contains 3 BearX TrueX arrows, illuminated scope, cocking rope, string wax, customizable parts, and a sling, a revelation of a high-quality crossbow.


BearX Constrictor Crossbow has features that make it sophisticated yet not complex to use. The features are what contribute to its high technology design and build. First, the crossbow has a speed of up to 410 fps, a draw weight of 190 lb, and a lightweight of 7.8 lb.

Moreover, a customizable ambidextrous top mount 5-arrow quiver enables the quiver to be mounted on either the right side or left side of the equipment.

The cheek pad is adjustable while the user will no longer experience dry fires since there is an anti-dry fire mechanism.

The features found in BearX Crossbow are distinct, making it stand out from the rest of other products in the market. Additionally, the crossbow has several benefits that a user can quickly notice while in the field.


BearX Constrictor Crossbow is one of a kind crossbow you will ever have the opportunity of holding while in hunting. It offers users various benefits while in the field. Below are the pros of using the crossbow.

  • High level of accuracy
  • The 10” cocked and 14” uncocked measurements make it slim; a shape liked by many hunters
  • Provides custom quiver installation through its Ambidextrous top mount 5-arrow quiver
  • User does not experience dry firing due to the availability of the anti-dry fire device
  • Comes with a ready-to-hunt package
  • Initiates a high-speed shot of 410 fps
  • BearX Crossbows are not energy-intensive
  • Due to their shapes, one can shoot while in any physical position
  • BearX Crossbows has illuminated scope to the enable a customer use even in low light environments


Despite the advantages mentioned earlier concerning. BearX Constrictor Crossbows, users of the product might experience some downsides while executing shots. Below are the cons of the BearX Crossbows.

  • BearX Crossbows are bulky, thus affecting their general functioning mechanism.
  • BearX Crossbow, just like other crossbows, is slow to reload given its build and design.
  • The 190 lb draw and 7.8 lightweights can be cumbersome for some users hence interfering with their shooting ability.
  • The crossbow, just like other crossbows, is relatively a short-range weapon; therefore, it might not be ideal in some circumstances.
  • The crossbow's weight may alter the accuracy of shots.


Going by this informative review, finding the best crossbow has now been made easier for you. BearX Crossbow’s build, design, features, pros, and cons present excellent information that you can use to gauge your next move.

From its adjustable cheek pad, anti-dry fire device, trigger pull adjustments to its ready-to-hunt accessory package, BearX Constrictor Crossbow is the right choice for you. Its measurements and color boost its efficiency as a hunting tool significantly.

The features, build, and design all reinforce the various benefits the crossbow offers to the user. However, its draw weight and lightweight prove to be the crossbow’s major disadvantage.


BearX Constrictor Ready-to-Hunt Crossbow Package due to its sophisticated technology sells for a price is fair.

BearX Crossbow has additional pros that lack in various crossbows. Its scintillating speed makes it the best crossbow you can ever come across.

Hunting requires the use of flexible weapons. BearX Crossbow's weight hinders its flexibility while hunting. Moreover, it dramatically alters the shots’ accuracy.